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Sweep your own doorstep first

April 20, 2014 Dear Editor: Reading a recent front page of The Review, I read opinions of area landlords concerning the agreements the city of East Liverpool and council want to establish. more »»

Someone else’s problem

April 13, 2014 Dear Editor: People are missing the underlying reason the new East Liverpool landlord plan is being put into place. It is not about improving the housing stock. more »»

Don’t blame president

April 13, 2014 Dear Editor: Let’s see if I have this right, the president is a dictator and socialist, and now he’s a commy? The last time I checked, Wall Street and Exxon-Mobile still had all their assets, same... more »»

Very filthy habit

April 13, 2014 Dear Editor: This letter is not intended to hurt others, but, a means of sharing my opinion on a matter that involves all the people of Hancock County — the smoking ban. more »»

Who’s right is it?

April 13, 2014 Dear Editor: Am I the only person that thinks government, both local and federal, has too much control of our life? I have always been a non-smoke. more »»

Deja vu?

April 13, 2014 Dear Editor: Sure has been a lot of discussion lately about the affordable care act. Opinions sure vary, from support of to total disregard. Depends on who you talk to. more »»

Let’s advertise

April 6, 2014 Dear Editor: After a quick survey of drug-related articles pertaining to Columbiana County, there are an astonishing number of investigations, indictments, and arrests all being attributed to the... more »»

Effort lauded

April 6, 2014 Dear Editor: The Hancock County CIA Regulation, passed in 1999, was a good beginning to preventing secondhand smoke exposure. more »»

Job well done

March 30, 2014 Dear Editor: Erin Roberts-Orr and Brandon Russell did a great job co-ordinating the Wellsville Chamber of Commerce Trade Show that recently was held at Wellsville High School. more »»

A healthy win-win

March 30, 2014 Dear Editor: The constitution and cancer of Hancock County’s non-smoking ban (no exception) is up for debate. more »»

Stop discrimination

March 9, 2014 Dear Editor: OK, Texas federal judge strikes down Texas’ ban on same sex marriage and Arizona governor vetoes bill that would allow state businesses to discriminate against gays for religious reasons. more »»

HB4333 bad for area

March 9, 2014 Dear Editor: Recently, HB 4333 passed the West Virginia House of Delegates and it is on its way to the West Virginia Senate. more »»

Support animal welfare

March 9, 2014 Dear Editor: Unless you live under a rock, you have seen or heard my opinion about the emotional impact animal welfare has on humans. more »»

A real fighter

March 2, 2014 Dear Editor: I’m pretty impressed with Democratic candidate Nathan Walker’s announcement article. It is about time the Democratic Party has a candidate that is willing to slug it out in an election. more »»

Lost history

March 2, 2014 Dear Editor: Obviously I am naive or I guess I wouldn’t have been so shocked today when I drove by the old Riverview Florists building on Anderson Boulevar. more »»

Consider options

March 2, 2014 Dear Editor: I am writing this letter in response to an article in the Feb. 21 edition of The Review in which 15 years of weapons confiscated by the City Police Department were destroyed. more »»

Open election process

March 2, 2014 Dear Editor: Not many people want to hold public office. Those wanting to run for office should be encouraged, not blocked from ballot access. more »»

Restore the Republic

March 2, 2014 Dear Editor: Why do we even have political parties? George Washington who some would argue was our greatest president, did not belong to or run on a party ticket and these days, with the exception... more »»

Different worlds

February 23, 2014 Dear Editor: This letter is in response to a Feb. 16 letter to the editor in which the author once again couldn’t be more wrong with his assumptions. 1. more »»

Play the ‘big’ lottery

February 23, 2014 Dear Editor: In today’s world people buy lottery tickets, hoping to hit it big. “The Jackpot,” all you’ll ever need, so it is said. more »»



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