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Do the right thing, for the kids

March 8, 2015 Dear Editor: I am a very old ex-football player having not played the game for more than 65 years. I never really had a love of the game, as I see the young men at Wellsville High School have. more »»

Stay out of our cars

March 8, 2015 Dear Editor: I am writing to voice opposition to the child seat belt bills introduced in our Ohio legislative bodies. more »»

Legalized marijuana problems

February 22, 2015 Dear Editor: The people that substantially benefit from the legalization of marijuana will be the lawmakers and those who enjoy medical fraud. more »»

Right to Work is wrong

February 22, 2015 Dear Editor: Right to Work and prevailing wage repeal are part of an ongoing radical agenda to destroy workers’ rights and squeeze every dime out the middle class possible. more »»

Are the people proud?

February 22, 2015 Dear Editor: In the Saturday Feb. 7, 2015, edition of The Review was an article by Tom Giambroni entitled “Newly elected Ginter co-sponsors first bills. more »»

Appreciate the kindness

February 22, 2015 Dear Editor: On Saturday, Feb. 14, I was turning into Smith Oil on St. Clair Avenue. I cut the corner short and what looked like a pile of snow was a pile of solid ice with a snow covering. more »»

Safety of residents above all

February 1, 2015 Dear Editor: Within the past year-and-a-half, I have been involved with efforts to solve the problem of how West Virginia Route 2 passes through New Cumberlan. more »»

The need for prayer

January 25, 2015 Dear Editor: To all christians and people who will become christians, the almighty God is loving and said He would never leave us or forsake us and supply all of our needs. more »»

Apology, suspension wrong

January 25, 2015 Dear Editor: There is no reason why the fire chief in East Liverpool should apologize or get a three-day suspension for making comments which are his own opinion. more »»

Extended Medicaid step in right direction

January 18, 2015 Dear Editor: A little over a year ago, Ohio made the wise choice and decided to extend Medicaid Health Insurance Coverage to some of the most vulnerable citizens. more »»

Don’t let golden goose fly away

January 18, 2015 Dear Editor: If I owned a business and discounted a piece of merchandise by 50 percent, say a $100 item for $50, I would be able to charge only the sales tax on the $50 price, not the full retail... more »»

Caring for all people

December 21, 2014 Dear Editor: I have the good fortune of working at a facility that assists individuals with developmental disabilities. more »»

Democrats are to blame

December 21, 2014 Dear Editor: Whack it, smack it, kick it, or stab it. The papier mache pinata formerly known as the paper tiger, formerly known as the United States, is just swinging in the wind. more »»

Appreciate the support

December 21, 2014 Dear Editor: Regarding the recent “Turn This Town Around” contest, I and New Cumberland City Council would like to extend our thanks to all those who took the time to cast their votes for our town. more »»

Trend needs to end

December 14, 2014 Dear Editor: APB: One of the many coded messages our law enforcement responds to each and every day. more »»

Not good enough?

December 14, 2014 Dear Editor: The newspaper’s “Our Opinion” on Nov. 26, couldn’t have been more misguided. Of course the Democrats re-elected Pelosi and Reid to their respective posts. more »»

Facts trump opinion

December 14, 2014 Dear Editor: In America, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Here are the facts. more »»

A Christmas gift

December 14, 2014 Dear Editor: The Christmas Season will soon be here. With thoughts of buying gifts for our love ones in our family and friends. It always makes us feel good to give presents to show our love. more »»

Wishing you well

November 23, 2014 Dear Editor: In October 2014, the Glenmoor annex of Home Savings Bank closed its doors. That was a sad day for area folks who have dealt there for many years. more »»


November 23, 2014 Dear Editor: Could Columbiana County Party Chairman Denny Johnson manage to pick any worse under-qualified people to run? Does he have no better qualified people willing to hold office? I don’t mean... more »»



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