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Good news from the village

October 14, 2012 Dear Editor: Businessmen of Salineville are making the village a better place to liv. more »»

Wrong decision by the BOE

October 14, 2012 Dear Editor: This letter is to the attention of the Hancock County Board of Education and specifically to the members who reside in the southern part of the county. more »»

Not an acceptable approach

October 14, 2012 Dear Editor: Surely, we must do better in our discernment of ethical issues than what has been demonstrated in a front page story published Oct. 5 in all three Columbiana County newspapers. more »»

Support the EL street levy

October 7, 2012 Dear Editor: I am writing in support of the East Liverpool street levy that will be on the ballot this November. more »»

Ashamed of my country

October 7, 2012 Dear Editor: For the first time in my adult life, I can honestly say that I am ashamed of my country. We as Americans have allowed the murder of millions of unborn babies. more »»

Not just another election cycle

October 7, 2012 Dear Editor: Is the free Obama phone with free anytime Obama minutes a recruiting tool for the military? Free Obama phones with anytime minutes are being distributed, so join the military, go to war... more »»

Schedule your mammogram

October 7, 2012 Dear Editor: October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I want to encourage all women AND men to do a self examination of their breasts to see if they detect a lump. Yes, men get breast cancer, too. more »»

Kiwanis, no more

October 7, 2012 Dear Editor: It is with regret that I write this letter regarding the East Liverpool Kiwanis Club. As of Sept. 30, 2012, our club gave up its charter and closed out the books. more »»

‘War on Coal’ a war against us

October 7, 2012 Dear Editor: For those of us in Southeast and East Ohio, the coal industry has always been a way of life. Our fathers, grandfathers or son’s have worked in the mines. more »»

Standing tall

September 30, 2012 Dear Editor: It has come to my attention that there are a bunch of loons out there wanting to take our guns away from us (hand and long guns). This was done when Germany took guns from their people. more »»

Important choice

September 30, 2012 Dear Editor: With less than six weeks until Election Day, we all have an important choice to make. And it only takes one person to make a difference. This election is a clear choice. more »»

End domestic violence

September 30, 2012 Dear Editor: Each year since 1987, October is proclaimed National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. more »»

Murals a reality

September 23, 2012 Dear Editor: Thanks to former Wellsville Mayor Joe Surace and his wife Linda for bringing the idea of the floodwall murals back to Wellsville nine years ago. more »»

Send a message

September 23, 2012 Dear Editor: John Raese, a candidate for US Senator in West Virginia, Raese is staunch pro-life conservative and the solutions he has to offer can do much to turn this nation around. more »»

Irresponsible leadership

September 16, 2012 Dear Editor: Several municipalities and townships have recently requested that the County Commissioners share the proceeds of revenue from casino gambling. more »»

Never going to stop them

September 16, 2012 Dear Editor: Fact No. 1: We can’t sell beer or tobacco in areas near schools. It’s logical to oppose gun sales near schools also. Fact No. more »»

Our liberties

September 16, 2012 Dear Editor: There are governments in this country which want to tell us which light bulbs to buy, at $50 each, and put a limitation on the size of flat screen TV we can purchase. more »»

Sharing a few gripes

September 9, 2012 Dear Editor: We live in a world where life presents all of us with the bitter and the sweet. We learn to accept or disregard, but at times we become overwhelmed and want to shout. more »»

Party has been hijacked

September 9, 2012 Dear Editor: In 2008, candidate Obama said that if you wanted to know about him and his character, you should look at the people he surrounds himself with. Let’s do that. more »»

Living on this planet

September 9, 2012 Dear Editor: I think Mr. Campbell thinks I just got off the boat. If he is younger than 75 years, I have been on this planet longer than he. more »»



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