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Homer Laughlin still hiring

November 13, 2009

NEWELL - The Homer Laughlin China Company is still looking for new workers two months after it rehired the majority of its formerly laid off employees.

A boost in orders for FiestaWare led the company to both rehire and look for new employees in late September, resulting in the return of nearly 50 Homer Laughlin employees and the addition of approximately 100 new workers.

Company President Joe Wells III stated in September that the majority of rehired and new employees work in the FiestaWare department.

Wells also stated that the continued hiring is not to increase employee numbers, but to replace those who have left the company since September.

"I don't think the situation has changed any since September," Wells said. "We're hiring replacement workers, is what it is."

Other departments, such as those which produce dishes for hotels and restaurants, have not seen a return of employees or had openings for new hires, Wells said in September.

"Our plant is cyclical, and where we have people laid off in one area, we might have another area where things are picking up," Wells said then.

Wells stated in September that although the increase in employees is likely a seasonal occurrence, the company is "certainly happy that we've been able to hire some people in the local area."

"We have people that will have jobs for the holidays, and that's a good thing for the people and a good thing for the economy," Wells said then.

The company distributed bonuses today to its employees who have been employed for one bonus pay period, which covers about approximately six months.

"They'll be passed out just like regular paychecks," Wells said.



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